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COMING SOON to the 2018-19 collection
(licenses pending)

Zach Yaholkovsky's "Whispering Grass" (mixed w/ rhythm section)
Kate Janzen's "So In Love" (mixed w/ rhythm section)

and these from Kerry Marsh (with demo preview links):
"Praying" (Ke$ha, mixed a cappella)
"Well Loved" (Becca Stevens, mixed a cappella)
"The Sound of Silence" (Simon & Garfunkel, mixed w/ rhythm section)
"After the Door/Another Life" (Elling/Metheny, mixed w/ rhythm section)
"Home Again" and "Tapestry" (Carole King, mixed a cappella)
"Whisper Not" (Benny Golson, mixed a cappella)
"Passion Dance" (McCoy Tyner, mixed a cappella)
"Whisper Your Name" (Harry Connick, Jr., mixed w/ rhythm section)
"Foolin' Myself" (SSAA swinger)

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