Lauren Kinhan

Lauren Kinhan

Lauren Kinhan is a highly acclaimed vocalist, composer, and improviser, known for her work as a 29-year member of the internationally renowned vocal group New York Voices, as well as her solo albums and collaborations with supergroups Moss and JaLaLa. Her latest album, "A Sleepin' Bee," is a tribute to Nancy Wilson and showcases Kinhan's unique perspective and idiosyncratic personality.

Kinhan's remarkable journey with New York Voices has contributed to their extensive catalog, educational division, and global touring. She has also collaborated with legendary artists such as Ornette Coleman and Bobby McFerrin. In 2018, Kinhan and Janis Siegel began curating a monthly live vocal-centric salon called Vocal Mania, which later evolved into the online series Vocal Gumbo during the pandemic.

As an educator, Kinhan joined the adjunct faculty of NYU in 2018, co-directing the jazz and contemporary vocal jazz ensemble with Janis Siegel. She is passionate about mentoring and guiding young artists through coaching and creating performance opportunities.

Kinhan's other solo albums include "Circle in a Square" (2014), "Avalon" (2010), and her debut "Hardly Blinking" (2000). Her work with the supergroups Moss and JaLaLa has garnered critical acclaim and showcased her versatility as a vocalist and arranger.

Throughout her career, Kinhan has been dedicated to community, growth, and evolution through raising one another up, which is evident in all of her endeavors.

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