Zemabia (SSAA L2)



STARTER SERIES! This original wordless vocal composition was written with the intention of making younger or less experienced vocal jazz groups sound great by keeping the vocal parts very singable and fun while giving the rhythm section more interesting stuff to play (although it's written out, making it still relatively easy for young rhythm sections to perform as well).  The song has a sort of tribal, communal spirit to it and it's written in such a way that the singers can have a great time singing with a big and bright sound.  There's solo space over chords that many young scatters can hear well enough to make the changes, and the chart works very well as either an opener or closer for your set.  Both mixed and treble versions available!
Notated piano and bass parts, drums

SSAA Demo and Perusal

Written for the Monterey Jazz Festival Summer Camp (2010)

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