A New LOGO for a New Decade

If you've visited this website before 2020, you may remember my logo being a row of pictures of me with different facial expressions and hand gestures. That logo design went back all the way to 2000, when I first launched KerryMarsh.com with just a few MIDI demos of some original charts. That logo went through a few iterations over the past twenty years before getting converted to what I think is a cleaner, and certainly less self-aggrandizing one, representing the sort of group that most often uses the music found in this catalog.

I've already gotten some feedback from folks feeling a little sad at the less personal approach to this design, but Julia (you know...Julia Dollison, my collaborator in all things, including marriage, but also essentially the lead singer of this website) and I are happy that it's a better and fresher way forward. 

Here's my original header logo from 2000, which I titled "Multiplicity", after the Michael Keaton movie with a poster that sort of had this vibe going (without the mics, of course...)

Of the three headers that I used until now, the second one has gone missing, surely sitting lonely on an old external hard drive somewhere in a closet, but the most recent one is here:

The thing about this one that makes me sad to take it down is that it was actually often imitated by vocal jazz ensemble members from all parts of the world, and they would send their own spoofed versions to me every once in a while, and I found this to be both hilarious and a huge compliment! Sometimes it would be various members of a group, and other times it would be one individual doing the same Photoshop work that I did to create their own parody. I'll miss that for sure...

The new silhouette logo has potential for a similar treatment, but I wonder if it will have the same appeal for parody than my silly mug being on the sheet music and on every page of the website. Perhaps I'll have to make a contest sometime soon to coax groups into making real life versions of the new one...

Welcome to my new blog, by the way. It's been a while since I've included a blog on this site, and I thought it was past time to revive it. Something new and cool is coming, and I'll likely post about it in the coming days, but for now...be well, my friends!

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