Introducing Multi-Tempo Vocal Part Tracks

I recently realized that the demo and Vocal Part Tracks for my chart on "Almost Like Being in Love" were very outdated, and that I actually had some drum tracks and a soprano 1 track sung by Julia that I had plain forgotten to use in a remix! Yikes...

So, knowing that I was going to be reuploading everything anyway, I took the opportunity to consider what else I could do to make the chart and audio better and more effective for my directors using it with their groups. And the product of this effort and consideration is a brand new type of Vocal Part Tracks set that I'll be rolling out on all up-tempo charts over the coming weeks.

Multi-Tempo Vocal Part Tracks
This special collection of part tracks contains several different audio files to help your students learn this challenging chart. All tracks have been tuned and edited to be sure that the notes and rhythms are accurate. The slow-down process creates some occasionally ”digital” sounds, but these tracks should get the job done (and honestly, the process of re-singing all of these demos at two different tempi is...well...preventative). 

Contained within this special tracks set are the following:

1. Slow-tempo (50% speed) Vocal Part Tracks (with no accompaniment, and the solo section removed) 

2. Medium-tempo (75% speed) Vocal Part Tracks (with no accompaniment) 

3. Full-tempo Vocal Part Tracks (with soft rhythm section accompaniment for reference)

4. A mix of all vocals only (without rhythm section) at the slow tempo

5. Medium-tempo full demo with no solo included, to allow for scatting practice at the 75% speed. 

These tracks are highly practical in the way they slow down bebop lines and help the singers get the parts up to speed! I'll post updates when more of these Multi-Tempo Vocal Part Tracks are available on other tunes, but for now, I'm featuring the new and improved Almost Like Being in Love chart, because it still makes a great opener or closer, and is now easier to put together than ever. 

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What a great idea!!!

Kimberly Lomax

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